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How we can help you to sell your house at the highest possible price and shortest possible time?

We believe in branding and marketing hence we are willing to invest in various property portals to list your property there and maximise the exposure. When you engage us, your property will be listed on logo.png
Carousell logo.png
Propnex logo.png
Gumtree logo.png
Nestia logo.png
Soreal logo.png
PropertyGuru logo.png
iproperty logo.jpg
SRX logo.jpg
edgeprop logo.png

Other than the traditional marketing strategies, we also market your property on various social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

These will help to outreach to a wider group of targeted audiences who are likely to be interested in your property.

FB ad_edited.jpg

We employ the latest marketing strategy “Video Home Tour” to market your property and bring out the unique selling propositions of your property without meeting in person and increase the viewership of your property which in turn generates more inquiries for you.

We also use Home Makeover to help you to dress up your place and stand out from your competitors.

3D proposal_edited.jpg

If necessary, we may also do up a 3D proposal interior design for your property to showcase to the potential buyer how the layout can be intelligently altered into more usable space or show how the unit can be transformed into their dream home with the help of interior design.

In some cases, we may even rope in our PropNex Auction Team to help to push your property via Auction sales.

Auction Sale.jpg
HDB Auction_edited.jpg
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